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Critical Java exploit used to spread malware

If you haven’t updated the Java installation you might be exposed to the newest exploit identified as CVE-2012-0507. The exploit allows the bypassing of Java’s sandbox, a mechanism that is designed partly to prevent attacks from malicious code. Through the exploit … Continue reading

Malware signed with fake Avira Certificate

While analyzing new malware samples we stumbled over a sample which contains a digital Avira signature. Something we need to check! Viewing the properties of the digital signature, Microsoft Windows shows a note “A certificate chain processed, but terminated in … Continue reading

Botnets evolving: Spy Eye vs Zeus

During our research we found a new construction kit which produces trojans for the Spy Eye botnet. Due to the lack of many controls it is very easy to use – just like the ZeuS construction kit a few months … Continue reading

Kneber-Botnet – something new?

The news spreads on the net that a new, giant botnet has been detected, named “Kneber”. It seems to have hijacked more than 75,000 PCs world-wide, also in companies and government nets. Upon closer investigation it turns out that the … Continue reading

ZeuS-Botnet: Command&Control in the Cloud

The ZeuS Tracker project stumbled upon a ZBot variant which used Amazons Cloud hosting service EC2 as Command&Control (C&C) server. ZBot is a widespread trojan which can spy on online banking credentials and steals other login information. It gets sold … Continue reading