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One month beyond the end of support of Windows XP

It is now a month since the official support from Microsoft has ended for Windows XP. Read here about strategies to move away from it. In the meanwhile, all XP users are getting this message: If you click on the link … Continue reading

Goodbye, Windows XP?

Microsoft will end the support for Windows XP, but the world won’t end because of this. In this article we will analyze what can happen, what you should do to avoid any damages and what you can do to continue … Continue reading

Avira and the compatibility with Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. Historically, Microsoft has always had a certification process with different levels for the software running on its operating system. These levels are “Compatible with …” and “Designed for …”. In order to achieve … Continue reading

Many updates for Windows, Java, Adobe, Thunderbird and Firefox

This week has been a very busy one for Microsoft, Sun, Adobe and Mozilla Foundation. We have seen the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-037 announcing the patch of some vulnerabilities which may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause a denial-of-service … Continue reading

Massive Patchday ahead

The upcoming Tuesday means much work for administrators – Microsoft today announced that the company plans to release 17 security bulletins with according patches. 9 of them deal with critical rated security vulnerabilities which means that cyber criminals can abuse … Continue reading

Critical Java Update and a new Windows Vulnerability

Multiple security vulnerabilities have been found within the current Java runtime environments, both for client computers and for servers. These allow attackers to infect computers for example with a Trojan just by luring victims into visiting manipulated websites. Oracle now … Continue reading

Windows 0-day thoughts and protection

Currently the news about a Proof-of-Concept malware makes the rounds which is able to bypass the User Account Control (UAC) of Windows Vista / Windows 7 without user notification to gain privileged system access. In plain English: This exploit enables … Continue reading

Mitigation for Windows Applications DLL-Search-Path Vulnerabilities

A whole bunch of Windows applications is vulnerable to a so-called binary-planting attack which allows for remote code execution. Microsoft released a security advisory about this issue which isn’t easy to fix properly. This issue arises due to the (defined … Continue reading

Fix-it-Tool for Windows Zero-Day-vulnerability

Google’s security researcher Tavis Ormandy has disclosed a vulnerability in the Windows XP and 2003 hcp:-protocol handler a few days ago. Microsoft reports “limited, targeted attacks” now; the vulnerability allows for infecting a Windows PC via visiting manipulated web sites, … Continue reading

Plenty of Updates on Patch Tuesday

This Black Tuesday was different as anticipated – Microsoft releases only one security bulletin, but other companies “jumped in” and deliver updates now as well. For the windows operating systems, only one Security Bulletin was released. MS10-001 deals with a … Continue reading