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New updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

We were writing in the blog post Adobe released the promised security fixes for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x for Windows that the fixes for Adobe Reader and Acrobat v10.1 will be released on  January 10th, 2012. Adobe sent already a prenotification with … Continue reading

Protection from Exploits for Windows Thumbnail Vulnerability

With our recent update of the engine we added generic protection against exploitation of the thumbnail vulnerability in all current Microsoft Windows operating systems. Microsoft warned of this security hole in a security advisory. On the January Patchday, no update … Continue reading

Safe holidays season

Thanksgiving and according holidays are very close – a time in which many people have the time to do (online) shopping. The cyber criminals are eager for their share, so it’s time to remember some safety measures. We are expecting … Continue reading

PDF-Exploit for recently closed security hole

Adobe released version 9.3.1 of Reader and Acrobat mid February. These versions fix a vulnerability which allows attackers to inject malicious code by luring victims into opening specially prepared PDF documents. Avira saw malicious PDF files appearing in the wild … Continue reading

Fake “Conflicker.B” alert mails

In a spam wave that currently is active, fake alert emails clog the inboxes of Internet users. The mails pretend to stem from the Microsoft Support and make the recipient believe that the computer is infected with Conflicker.B (and/or Conficker.B, … Continue reading

The spam trend continues: more and more malware

In October we’ve seen a lot of spam carrying malware and by the speed with which the emails and the malware were detected, we all thought that it will stop soon. Having a look in the first 3 days of … Continue reading

Facebook Password Reset turns out to be Malware

Email malware is really getting trendy again. Now the malware authors use another social engineering scam: The spam mails claim that the password for the Facebook account has been reset. For getting the new password, the recipient of the spam … Continue reading

Koobface variant used for Captcha breaking

A new Koobface variant is currently spreading in the wild. New variants are not unexpected, but these have an unusual feature: Once the malware is installed on the computer, it locks the windows desktop every so often and forces the … Continue reading

Email malware returns

After last weeks outbreak of spam mails with malware with alleged settings for mail software (which still is ongoing, we still receive a lot of those mails) our analysts see a new bunch of emails which contain a trojan as … Continue reading

Malware-Spam with alleged OWA settings

Our spam traps received a lot of spam emails during the last night which claim to lead to or to include a new settings file for Outlook Web Access (OWA). The mails seem to be sent by the technical staff … Continue reading