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iPad, iPhone and iPod owners at risk

As has been reported by the media, there is a very easy to use “Jailbreak” website available – just by visiting the website and pulling a slider, it removes security mechanisms which tie the mobile Apple gadgets to Apples AppStore. … Continue reading

Browser Updates

The Mozilla Foundation just released another update of the Firefox web browser to version 3.6.8, very shortly after releasing version 3.6.7. There is only one bug fixed though, which has resulted in stability issues. The new version should work as … Continue reading

Apply Workaround for Windows Zero-Day Flaw

Since the weekend there is a so-called zero day vulnerability publicly known in all supported (and even in the now unsupported) Windows operating systems. Just by browsing to a folder with a manipulated .lnk file – a shortcut to a … Continue reading

Adobe fixes vulnerabilities in Reader

Adobe has released Adobe Reader and Acrobat versions 9.3.3 and 8.2.3 for Windows, Mac and Unix, respectively; the new versions are fixing several security vulnerabilities which allow attackers to compromise PCs with manipulated PDF documents. Users of Adobe Reader and … Continue reading

Fix-it-Tool for Windows Zero-Day-vulnerability

Google’s security researcher Tavis Ormandy has disclosed a vulnerability in the Windows XP and 2003 hcp:-protocol handler a few days ago. Microsoft reports “limited, targeted attacks” now; the vulnerability allows for infecting a Windows PC via visiting manipulated web sites, … Continue reading

Zero-Day Acrobat Exploit – In The Wild

Adobe released a security advisory and announced a zero-day exploit found in specific Adobe Flash Player versions. The vulnerability (CVE-2010-1297) could be used to run arbitrary code. This means that the malicious files could be downloaded or dropped on the … Continue reading

Adobe Flash Player Update

Adobe has published a security bulletin about security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. In all versions up to the recent Flash objects could evade the Sandbox which would allow for unauthorized cross domain requests. The vulnerability is rated critical. … Continue reading

Microsoft announces Out-of-Band IE-Patch

For the critical security vulnerability that currently gets exploited in the wild (since back in December for example to attack Google) Microsoft has announced an out-of-band Update that will get released later today. The exploit code for abusing the vulnerability … Continue reading

Security hole in Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Adobe is currently investigating a new security hole in Reader and Acrobat. Cybercriminals are currently spamming emails with prepared documents which lead to an infection of the computer with malware. The PDF document abuses a buffer overflow in a new … Continue reading

Black Tuesday: Microsoft secures IE, Adobe its Flash Player

The Redmond company released 6 security bulletins as announced last Friday. They close 12 security holes, most importantly some issues in the Internet Explorer that allow for drive-by-downloads – those set the users at risk to infect their computer by … Continue reading