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New security update available for Adobe Flash Player

After just publishing a series of patches, Adobe is patching again a new vulnerability found in the Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, and  Flash Player and earlier versions for Android. This time, … Continue reading

Chrome hacked

Bad news for Chrome users: The security researchers of the security service provider Vupen managed to abuse a currently unknown and non-published security vulnerability in the web browser and to bypass all further security mechanisms like the Chrome sandbox, ASLR … Continue reading

Security vulnerability in Skype for Mac

This is something we don’t see every day: A popular multi-platform software having a security vulnerability only in Mac OS X. In Skype, attackers were able to smuggle in malicious software onto other Skype clients if they are running in … Continue reading

Critical Adobe Flaw without Patch

A vulnerability within the current versions of Adobe Flash Player on all supported platforms has been found, warns the company. Affected are not only the Flash Player installations, but also Adobe Reader and Acrobat via the “authplay.dll” Flash Player integration. … Continue reading

Critical Java Update and a new Windows Vulnerability

Multiple security vulnerabilities have been found within the current Java runtime environments, both for client computers and for servers. These allow attackers to infect computers for example with a Trojan just by luring victims into visiting manipulated websites. Oracle now … Continue reading

Again critical vulnerability in VLC

Just a few days after the VLC developers fixed a vulnerability in the popular VLC video player, a new critical security vulnerability in the processing of .mkv files became public. By opening specially crafted .mkv files, the computer can be … Continue reading

Internet Explorer Vulnerability with workaround

In all currently supported Windows operating systems a security vulnerability in the so-called MHTML handler can lead to information disclosure; speculations in the media indicate possibly even worse things. The cyber criminals just need a manipulated link to trigger the … Continue reading

Critical Vulnerabilities and Updates (Update)

A critical security vulnerability has been found in the web browser Opera. It allows attackers to infect the computer with manipulated websites, for example. An update is currently not available, so using for example Windows Browser Choice to temporarily switch … Continue reading

New Firefox Exploit In-the-Wild

Our Virus Lab discovered an exploit for a newly discovered vulnerability in the Firefox web browser which was actively used on the infected Nobel Prize site earlier this week. The exploit using the vulnerability in Firefox 3.6 installed a Backdoor … Continue reading

New 0-day Exploit for Adobe Reader (Update)

A malicious PDF file has turned up which exploits a new security vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat – even in the most current version 9.3.4 and 8.2.4, on all supported platforms. There is currently no update available from Adobe … Continue reading