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New PowerPoint vulnerability gets exploited

Microsoft warns of a new unpatched security vulnerability in PowerPoint. According to their security advisory, PowerPoint 2000, 2002 and 2003 up to Service Pack 3 are affected; so is PowerPoint 2004 for Macs. Currently cyber criminals are abusing specially prepared … Continue reading

What to do against Psyb0t

Some hype established around the malware known as Psyb0t. It is unusual as it doesn’t infect windows machines, but MIPS-based Internet-routers and DSL-modems – which are very widespread. (This is only half of the story. There is a windows malware … Continue reading

Malware writers rig up against Sandboxes

While analysing a recent version of the often adapted Trojan Dropper CeeInject we stumbled over following message in the malware (in plain text): Hi Dear sniffer If you want to find the net You better put some effort in doing … Continue reading

Updated Virut Detection

Several months it became silent around W32/Virut – yet another file infector virus that was very active and widespread in the past. All of a sudden, new instances of the W32/Virut family surfaced a short time ago. The malware author … Continue reading

Removal of the Sality virus

Last friday we released an engine update which added some removal routines for certain variants of the W32/Sality virus family. This wouldn’t be remarkable if W32/Sality wasn’t a polymorphic file infector – it infects other executable files and tries to … Continue reading