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Emails containing fake invoices from Apple and distribute malware

The German users should be aware of a massive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from Apple and (discounter) containing a invoice of a good they bought from their shop. The so called invoice is in a ZIP … Continue reading

What to do if your computer has a virus

So, the unthinkable, the only thing which you always thought that it can’t happen to you did happen: your computer got a virus or more. What to do now? First of all, don’t be scared and think well before taking the … Continue reading

OWA-Malware is still being sent

The Internet Storm Center reports that malware which claims to be “new Outlook Web Access settings” is still being sent out by cyber criminals. We saw those malware emails in the middle of October already. Avira protects the users – … Continue reading

Email malware returns

After last weeks outbreak of spam mails with malware with alleged settings for mail software (which still is ongoing, we still receive a lot of those mails) our analysts see a new bunch of emails which contain a trojan as … Continue reading

FastFlux-Malware leading to FakeAV (Update)

Our researchers found a malicious JavaScript link embedded to the headlines and thread titles in some forums as well as on other web sites after a user notified us about possible issues with a particular forum. The scripts resulted in … Continue reading

W32/Induc.A Removal Tool

Last week a virus that infects Delphi development environments and then the compiled Delphi programs was detected and got some media attention – infected programs were distributed on cover-mount CDs and DVDs on computer magazines and via Download Portals. Our … Continue reading

Security flaw in Adobe PDF/Flash

There are security flaws within Adobe Reader and Acrobat and the Adobe Flash Player which are getting actively exploited on the net currently. The company has published a security advisory where it announces that they are currently investigating the problem … Continue reading

Hindering debugging – by doing nothing

A common technique to make debugging harder and more time-consuming is scrambling the virus code and inserting “random” junk code that doesn’t really do anything useful. One example is the W32/Virut family. Despite already being a couple of years old, … Continue reading

File Patcher W32/Tobin

While refining and improving our detection of the W32/Tobin file patcher malware we analysed its “infection” algorithm closer. Upon execution, it drops a DLL (usually “nikitob.dll”) and modifies executable files on the system so that they load the dropped DLL … Continue reading

Last week sum up

The last week has been quite busy even though it was Easter holiday season. Microsoft released 8 security bulletins with Updates for the affected software last Tuesday. 5 of them are rated critical and concern Wordpad and the Office Text … Continue reading