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Many Updates: Flash Player, Mac OS X, Firefox

Today is a busy day for those who want to keep their computers secure: Many updates are available, from Adobes Flash Player over Apples Mac OS X operating system to the Firefox webbrowser. There is a security vulnerability in Flash … Continue reading

More Browser Updates

Well, actually we expect some more updates as some security vulnerabilities have been revealed at the Pwn2Own contest during the CanSecWest security conference. Google is the first and pushes out version 10.0.648.133 – which fixes one security vulnerability within WebKit … Continue reading

The next Browser Update: Safari

Right after the Mozilla Developers and Google released new webbrowser versions to fix plenty of security vulnerabilities, now Apple fixes at least 62 vulnerabilities in the Safari webbrowser 5.0.4. A little late though as the CanSecWest conference is already running … Continue reading

Patchday: Fresh releases from Microsoft and Google

As announced last Friday, Microsoft released 3 Security Bulletins which deal with patches for 4 security vulnerabilities. One of them is rated critical and resides within the DirectShow framework for the Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Other security … Continue reading

Mozilla updates Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation has released the webbrowser Firefox in Version 3.6.14 which fixes 10 security vulnerabilities – of which the developers consider 8 to be of “high” risk. Thus using older versions of Firefox (and Thunderbird or the Seamonkey Suite) … Continue reading

Google Update for Chrome Webbrowser

Google just released the updated version 9.0.597.107 of its Chrome webbrowser. According to their changelog, the update fixes 19 security vulnerabilities, of which 16 are rated “high”ly critical and 3 pose a “medium” risk. This means that attackers can infect … Continue reading

Vulnerability in PDF Reader – from Foxit

This time a new security vulnerability has been found and already fixed with an updated version within the alternative PDF reader from Foxit.With providing manipulated PDF files for example via email or web sites, users of outdated versions Foxit PDF … Continue reading

Disabling the autorun entry point

Quite silently the Redmond company released an optional update yesterday which disables autorun for USB sticks. This is one of the most dangerous entry points for malware currently used. Family members, friends or employees carry autorun Trojans around with them … Continue reading

Busy Patchday: Updates for almost everything

Today seems to be administrators nightmare day: Not only Microsoft released the announced updates on the regular Patch Tuesday, but also Adobe for Reader and Flash Player and Google for the Chrome web browser. And even worse, this doesn’t make … Continue reading

Microsoft Patchday ahead, Google secures Chrome

The Redmond company today announced that it plans to release 12 security bulletins on the upcoming Patch Tuesday. The according updates close 22 security holes within the Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Of those, 3 bulletins cope … Continue reading