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How to enable two-factor authentication for LinkedIn

More and more social media websites and not only are enabling two-factor authentication in order to secure their users better. Following Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft now also the biggest professional network website LinkedIn has introduced two-factor authentication. Here is … Continue reading

How to enable two-factor authentication for Twitter

Not a week passes without seeing in the press that some Twitter account have been hacked (as in used without authorization). Twitter tried to create more awareness about creating secure passwords and educating the users to not fall for the … Continue reading

How to protect your social media account

You’ve heard in the press that many celebrities and companies got their social media accounts hacked. Twitter even issued an official warning to all press agencies to protect their accounts better. Here are useful tips how to easily protect your … Continue reading

Apple adds two-factor authentication

Remember our series about how to activate two-factor authentication in Google, Dropbox and Facebook?   We are happy to inform you that Apple finally decided to join the club of companies who care about the security of its customers and … Continue reading

Improve your security #11: Enable two-factor authentication

It might sound complicated, but remember that with more security the usability (how easy is to use the service) always suffers a little bit. The reward at the end is that you can sleep in peace that nobody will enter … Continue reading

How to set up Dropbox’s two-factor authentication

We introduced the two-factor authentication, or two-step authentication how Dropbox calls it, and why it is necessary. Here is how you do this for Dropbox:   Step 1: 1. Go to Settings -> Security 2. Click on “(change)” on the “Two-Step verification” … Continue reading

How to set up Google’s two-factor authentication

We introduced the two-factor authentication, or two-step authentication how Google calls it, and why it is necessary.   Here is how you do this for Google’s services, email in particular:     Step 1 1. Start on this page. 2. Click … Continue reading

Why everybody should use two-factor authentication

The most obvious answer to this question is: because it makes your accounts more secure and it gives you the peace of mind you need. What is two-factor or two-step authentication? According to Wikipedia, two-factor authentication (TFA, T-FA or 2FA) is … Continue reading

Malaysian Phishing in real-time

Since several weeks we see a higher amount of spam/phish Emails in Malaysia. Recently, our Virus Lab in Malaysia came across phishing mails in the Malay language impersonating the Hong Leong bank. Even if this phishing attack has only a local … Continue reading

Dropbox’s two factor authentication and what happens when it fails(Update)

Some time ago, Dropbox offered two-factor authentication. This means, that you need to prove that you are in possession of something that only the owner of the account has. This is usually a mobile phone, but it can be also an application … Continue reading