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Facebook likejacking scam via Twitter

The tweet your receive is “we are looking for twitter members to try our brand new product at twitgiveaway,com”, mostly as a reply to one of your tweets. There is no mistake in the URL: “twitgiveaway,com”. There is indeed a comma … Continue reading

How to enable two-factor authentication for Twitter

Not a week passes without seeing in the press that some Twitter account have been hacked (as in used without authorization). Twitter tried to create more awareness about creating secure passwords and educating the users to not fall for the … Continue reading

Improve your security #11: Enable two-factor authentication

It might sound complicated, but remember that with more security the usability (how easy is to use the service) always suffers a little bit. The reward at the end is that you can sleep in peace that nobody will enter … Continue reading

Monitor your children on social media websites

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Formspring, MySpace and others have gained millions of users in the last years. Persons from 9 to 90 years old are registered, post content in form of text, photos and video. Even if you … Continue reading

Some ways to stay in touch with Avira

There are many ways to stay in touch with us: Read the Techblog:   Subscribe to the RSS Feed of the Techblog in your favorite news reader.   Like us on Facebook – we regularly have actions which might … Continue reading

Twitter Phishing Mails turn out to be Spam

Our spam traps caught quite some malicious mails which were Twitter themed – not the first time we see “You have 1 unread message from Twitter!” mails. This immediately does ring the phishing-alarm bell – someone is trying to steal … Continue reading

Twitter increases Security

Following Google and Facebook, on Tuesday this week Twitter added a new feature to its website: https access. Users can enable the secure access by going to their settings and check the box “Always use HTTPS” found at the bottom … Continue reading

Spammers abuse Wikileaks hype

The publicity that Wikileaks gained during the last week couldn’t be left unused by the spammers. We are seeing a spam campaign with mails pretending to come from the account of Wikileaks on Twitter. The email is very well crafted, … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam campaign faking Twitter

During the weekend our spamtraps received large amounts of emails pretending to come from Twitter. This time, the social engineering twist lies within the subject of the email: It is “You have 2 urgent messages from Twitter!”, creating psychological pressure … Continue reading