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The BKA/Ransom Trojan comes now with child pornography (updated)

The so called “BKA Trojan” (BKA stands for German Federal Criminal Police) malware which is also known as the Ransom trojan in other countries, has found a more convincing way to fool computer users to pay. Now, together with other eight possible … Continue reading

Microsoft revokes certificates used to sign the Flame trojan

Microsoft released Security Advisory 2718704 which revokes some certificated which apparently were used to sign the trojan Flame. In a blog post, Microsoft explains how they discovered that some components of the malware have been signed by certificates that allow software to appear as … Continue reading

Detecting the “Flame” Trojan

You may have heard about a new Trojan virus called “Flame”, which is attacking users’ privacy and is stealing sensitive information. It has been mostly infecting computers in the Middle East (Iran, in particular) but it also has been reported … Continue reading

A ZBot trojan variant in emails pretending to come from DHL

We all thought that the days of ZBot trojan are long gone, but maybe it was only our hope and not the reality. We have started to detect in an aggressive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from DHL, … Continue reading

Picturesque Brazilian Banker

While analyzing new malware samples, we found a brazilian banking Trojan that caught our interest: It contains plenty of images – all of brazilian banks and insurances. It is quite a multi talent when it comes to the bank logins … Continue reading

Analysis of TR/Spy.SpyEye

SpyEye is a malware family which we are monitoring for some time. Today we are analyzing a sample which is detected as TR/Spy.SpyEye.flh by Avira products. The Trojan is able to inject code in running processes and can perform the … Continue reading

Android Trojan targets Russian Android users

We received a malware sample this week which pretends to be a simple “MoviePlayer” for the mobile phone operating system Android. During the analysis we found that the “MoviePlayer” functionality is fake and the Trojan just tries to send three … Continue reading

Botnets evolving: Spy Eye vs Zeus

During our research we found a new construction kit which produces trojans for the Spy Eye botnet. Due to the lack of many controls it is very easy to use – just like the ZeuS construction kit a few months … Continue reading