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10 tips to improve your mobile device’s security

We wrote here how you can improve the security of a new computer in 10 easy steps. Considering the fact that mobile devices have been selling much better than the workstations, it is important to know that the same strategy … Continue reading

How to protect your social media account

You’ve heard in the press that many celebrities and companies got their social media accounts hacked. Twitter even issued an official warning to all press agencies to protect their accounts better. Here are useful tips how to easily protect your … Continue reading

Security tips for safe online shopping

During the holidays season many people receive packages from the post or delivery services. We wrote about the dangers introduced by opening attachments in emails pretending to come from such entities. Without an active and up to date security software, … Continue reading

Security 101: November 2012

How can we find out if we are really secure when we’re using online banking? There is no way to be really secure. However, there are ways to reduce the risk to a minimum acceptance level. Just ensure the following have been fulfilled: … Continue reading

Spring cleaning your computer

We are now close to the end of April and the spring is everywhere. Some people are used to perform a general cleaning of their houses and gardens.   What about your computer? Don’t you plan to do the same? … Continue reading