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Black Friday is coming – stay alert

Every year, in the last week of November we have the Black Friday (November 29th) madness of buying at reduced prices. “Stay alert” doesn’t mean that you should only keep an eye on those great offers. It means that you should not fall for … Continue reading

Emails containing fake invoices from Apple and distribute malware

The German users should be aware of a massive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from Apple and (discounter) containing a invoice of a good they bought from their shop. The so called invoice is in a ZIP … Continue reading

Pharmacy spam for the “Zombie Apocalypse”

You probably have heard about the prank done to a television from Montana, USA in February. Their emergency channel got hacked (exact details about how the hacking occurred were not made public so far) and a message about zombies was communicated … Continue reading

The BKA Trojan still spreading through emails containing fake invoices

Even though the fraudsters behind the BKA Trojan (aka Ransom Trojan) have been caught by the police, there are still a lot of emails spreading the Trojan in circulation. One of these emails drew my attention because it was addressed … Continue reading

Pharma spam using LinkedIn again

We wrote a couple of times already about spams pretending to come from LinkedIn which advertise online pharmacy websites. There is a new spam campaign which changed a bit the way the messages are presented to the users. Now the … Continue reading

The post might not bring exactly what you expect for Christmas

With the holidays and presents season approaching, most of us are thinking what presents to order for Christmas. Many people prefer to order them online than to spend hours chasing presents in a mall. I know I am one of … Continue reading

Would you buy security software advertised in a spam?

We received a spam email which advertises protection against Internet threats. The email comes from “Top Anti Virus Software” , an email address from a domain in India. There are only two links in the email, both pointing to the same URL … Continue reading

Spam gives a “proper” name and description to the money mule job

A “money mule” is a person, an intermediate, that receives potentially illegally obtained money from someone and redirects them to someone else. Of course, the intermediary receives a percent of the transaction. In other words, this is nothing else than … Continue reading

New type of Nigerian scam or just a spam from “FBI”

From time to time, we see in our labs really funny emails pretending to be deadly serious. This time, I received one such email on my personal email address, and I couldn’t stop laughing after reading it full. And this, … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails to reset your password

We see LinkedIn in the news quite often because of their recent campaigns in all the media. What the company doesn’t proudly advertise is the fact that their brand is lately often used  in various spam campaigns.  Most of these spam campaigns are … Continue reading