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Black Friday is coming – stay alert

Every year, in the last week of November we have the Black Friday (November 29th) madness of buying at reduced prices. “Stay alert” doesn’t mean that you should only keep an eye on those great offers. It means that you should not fall for … Continue reading

Facebook likejacking scam via Twitter

The tweet your receive is “we are looking for twitter members to try our brand new product at twitgiveaway,com”, mostly as a reply to one of your tweets. There is no mistake in the URL: “twitgiveaway,com”. There is indeed a comma … Continue reading

Old Facebook likejacking scam in use again: “[SHOCKING] At 14, she did that in the public school”

We wrote last year a couple of times about Facebook likejacking scams. A likejacking scam is an attempt to lure Facebook users to click on a post in order to see something very interesting. For example, “Dad walks in on Daughter… … Continue reading

Facebook myths and fakes

There is not a single week when we don’t see a new Facebook scam. We name scam everything that tries to fool the user to do something which he usually wouldn’t do or shouldn’t do: click on something – called … Continue reading

More Facebook scams

There are at least 3 other scams which currently spread very fast on Facebook, very similar to the one which we already analyzed. The first scam is reporting that Chuck Norris has died at 71 years, the second one is … Continue reading

New Facebook clickjacking scam which promises to show you who has seen your profile (Update)

Earlier today we have seen a new Facebook clickjacking scam which spreads quite fast.   I KNOW WHEN YOU LOOK AT MY PROFILE USING THIS:<removed> NEW! See who views your profile! www.<removed>.com Do you want to know who is … Continue reading

No, Microsoft will not give you 1 million dollars

No, no matter how good the document is looking,  Microsoft will not give you any money, because there is no such thing as a Microsoft lottery.   Of course,  the same applies to Nokia and AOL Online. In the last … Continue reading

Facebook spams evolved

We are all used with the already classical spams “Facebook has sent you a notification” and all other variations similar to this one. The links usually redirect in two steps to a Canadian Pharmacy website where various (fake) meds are … Continue reading

Another facebook likejacking scam : „This spider is brutal“

A new Facebook scam, in the same idea as those with naked women, is making a lot of victims currently. Interesting is that there are quite a lot of unique URLs. This time, the scam is not using men’s curiosity … Continue reading

Spam from the Advocate

Currently cyber criminals try to make fast money by spamming out emails in masses in Germany which allegedly stem from an Advocate specialized in copyright. According to the spam mails, the user was downloading copyrighted material. An IP address is … Continue reading