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Improve your browser’s security and privacy in 5 steps

No matter which source for statistics you take, all agree that the most used browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.   There have been many studies and tests done to find out which is the most secure of them. However, … Continue reading

Did you know you can opt-out from Google’s targeted ads and tracking?

Google is generating most of its revenue with Advertisements. On the settings page it says: Ads enable free web services and content. This might be true, but sometimes the ads are just annoying. Here is what you can change in the … Continue reading

How to disable advertisers tracking in iOS 6

Apple released in September 2012 the new iOS 6 together with the iPhone 5. We’ve seen quite a lot of advertisements about how good and great the iOS 6 is. No doubt, it is good, but not all new “things” were advertised. For … Continue reading

iPhone Update reduces Location Tracking Cache Size

Apples’ practice to store the locations of iPhones and iPads in a huge database on the devices and on the connected computers has been a big news in the media recently. A few days later, the company now released the … Continue reading

New Facebook feature loosens Privacy

The social network again added a new feature which gets activated automatically country-by-country. This time it is “Instant Personalization” which will be enabled on web sites like Bing. This loosens the privacy settings of Facebook again. The feature can be … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy Issues – again

Media report about a new privacy leak on facebook which has been found just recently. It is possible to find out with which persons someone is in contact with – therefore one just has to create a fake account using … Continue reading

Privacy implications of Facebook Places

Facebook just introduced what they think is a great new feature called “Places”. Places is about sharing your current location with your friends: “you can share where you are and the friends you’re with in real time from your mobile … Continue reading

Updated privacy control on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest thing on the Internet right now. Just recently the company announced that they have more than 500 million users worldwide, which makes Facebook the biggest online community that ever existed. Never before did the users post … Continue reading