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What to do to stop phone and mail advertisements

The Christmas presents frenzy is starting during this time of year all over the world. Most of the shops are making the equivalent of their year to date revenue in these weeks before Christmas. So, it makes sense for them … Continue reading

When the mail services deliver dangerous packages

We are monitoring a spam campaign that is using the names of delivery services like FedEx and DHL to send the receiver to a website that installs malware. With subjects like “Not possible to make delivery” or “Shipping service”, the … Continue reading

The post might not bring exactly what you expect for Christmas

With the holidays and presents season approaching, most of us are thinking what presents to order for Christmas. Many people prefer to order them online than to spend hours chasing presents in a mall. I know I am one of … Continue reading

Mail pretending to come from the German Post delivers malware

German readers will laugh when reading the text in original, received via a recent spam campaign. In a free translation, the original text written more in a German slang would translate to: Dear customer, Our postman couldn’t deliver a package to … Continue reading