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17 Security Updates on MS Patchday

As announced Friday last week, Microsoft delivers 17 security updates on the December 2010 Patchday. The Updates close 2 highly critical security holes which allow for remote code execution and several privilege escalation vulnerabilities that allow attackers to gain administrative … Continue reading

Plenty of Updates announced

Next Tuesday is going to be tough for administrators: The Redmond company announces 17 security bulletins which are supposed to fix 40 security vulnerabilities. Only two of the bulletins deal with “high”ly critical rated security holes within Windows and the … Continue reading

Microsoft closes 11 security holes

As announced Friday last week, Microsoft released 3 security bulletins and according updates on the November 2010 Patchday. Vulnerable software from the Redmond company is Microsoft Office and the Forefront Unified Access Gateway. The updates fix altogether 11 security vulnerabilities; … Continue reading

Patchday ahead

The Redmond company today published its announcement for the upcoming November Patch Tuesday. Microsoft wants to release 3 security bulletins which deal with 11 security vulnerabilities within Office and PowerPoint (up to the brand new Office 2011 for Mac) and … Continue reading

Microsoft fixes 49 vulnerabilities

As announced last Friday, Microsoft released 16 security bulletins on the October Patchday. They fix security vulnerabilities in various Windows operating systems and components like Internet Explorer, Windows Kernel, .Net frameworks, and Microsoft Office. Affected are all operating systems from … Continue reading

Another record Patchday ahead

The Redmond company today announced that it plans to release 16 security bulletins on coming Tuesday, Microsoft’s official monthly Patchday in October. Never before Microsoft released so many security bulletins on a Patchday. Four of these security bulletins are rated … Continue reading

Plenty of Vulnerabilities fixed on Microsoft Patchday

10 Security Bulletins with according updates fixing more than 30 vulnerabilities in several Microsoft products – that is the summary of the June 2010 Microsoft Patchday. 3 Bulletins carry the “critical” flag, which means that the vulnerabilities are exploited easily … Continue reading

Patchday: 2 Security Bulletins announced

In their advance notification, the Redmond company announces to release 2 Security Bulletins on the May 2010 Patchday next Tuesday. They fix vulnerabilities within nearly all currently supported Windows operating systems and in Microsoft Office, also in Visual Basic for … Continue reading

Busy Patchday

This April Patch Tuesday produces some workload for administrators – and also users should install the offered updates as soon as possible. As announced, Microsoft released 11 security bulletins. The patches close plenty security vulnerabilities, some of them critical. Interesting … Continue reading

Plenty of Updates on Patch Tuesday

Many patches are announced for tomorrow: The Redmond company expects to release 11 security bulletins. Of those 5 are rated critical, 5 important and 1 moderate. The patches belonging to the bulletins will close 25 security vulnerabilities in Windows, Exchange … Continue reading