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How to protect your social media account

You’ve heard in the press that many celebrities and companies got their social media accounts hacked. Twitter even issued an official warning to all press agencies to protect their accounts better. Here are useful tips how to easily protect your … Continue reading

Botnet attack on WordPress

Over the past two week, we have been tracking an alarming brute force password-guessing attacks against Web sites powered by WordPress – the most popular content management system in use today (Avira Techblog also runs WordPress). You can see below … Continue reading and eHarmony passwords leaked on the web

Following the trend started by LinkedIn two days ago, the popular music website and the dating website eHarmony have issued an alert to all customers asking them to change their password because of leaked passwords. has issued the … Continue reading

Change your LinkedIn password

It appears that some hackers got their hands on the database of passwords from LinkedIn. LinkedIn representatives have stated that they’re currently analyzing the reports. The good news is that the data dump in size of 271 MB that has been made … Continue reading

Improve your security #8 – change the default passwords

Very often people buy new gadgets or devices which because they are “secured” out of the box. Or, better said, this is what the producers write on their boxes, because the reality is quite different. These devices are delivered most of … Continue reading

Improve your security #7: password protect your smartphone

A recent study published in various online magazines showed that more and more people tend to replace their traditional mobile phones with smartphones. This trend applies not only to young people who are usually more interested in new technologies but … Continue reading

Improve your security series

I have seen in various forums and on Facebook some of these links used and I thought it would be handy to see them all in one post. So, here they are sorted in chronological order, each linked to the … Continue reading

Change your Facebook Password!

Facebook confirmed a security problem with their old, proprietary authentication system: When using Facebook Apps like games or similar, the access token – something like a key to your Facebook account – could leak to some advertisers which were showing … Continue reading

Proper Passwords

Every now and then security researchers stumble over a database which holds user data like account names and passwords. Amazingly, each and every time the passwords seem to be the same when analysed. This time Tõnu Samuel found such a … Continue reading