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Pharma spam using LinkedIn again

We wrote a couple of times already about spams pretending to come from LinkedIn which advertise online pharmacy websites. There is a new spam campaign which changed a bit the way the messages are presented to the users. Now the … Continue reading

The “reset your password” frenzy used to advertise online pharmacy websites

After last week’s panic in regards to password leakage and requests to change passwords, we started to see already attempts to misuse this recommendation. There are emails pretending to come from IMDB with subjects like: – Your password is too … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails to reset your password

We see LinkedIn in the news quite often because of their recent campaigns in all the media. What the company doesn’t proudly advertise is the fact that their brand is lately often used  in various spam campaigns.  Most of these spam campaigns are … Continue reading

YouTube and Tagged phishing leading to online pharmacy sites

We are quite used to see well known brand names being used in phishing spam campaigns that lead to spam websites, usually online pharmacies. We’ve seen eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. It is to  us … Continue reading