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Security updates from Adobe, Mozilla, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Asterisk

The year is starting with a lot of pressure for  Adobe, Mozilla, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Asterisk which had to push security updates to fix several critical security vulnerabilities.   Microsoft has released their monthly patch containing seven bulletins  which close 12 security … Continue reading

Critical vulnerabilities in Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

Mozilla has announced that a critical vulnerability is affecting versions earlier than 9 of Firefox (except v3.6) and Thunderbird and versions earlier than 2.6 of SeaMonkey communication suite. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute malicious code on a machine  using … Continue reading

More updates because of invalidated fraudulent certificates

The Mozilla Foundation issued the Security Advisory 2011-34 in order to completely remove the DigiNotar root certificate from its trusted vendors repository. We are missing any news from Apple which seems to completely ignore the entire issue. We haven’t see … Continue reading

Chain of trust broken by compromised root certificate, updates to control the damage

The entire online media is buzzing around the recent incident of the fraudulent digital certificate issued by the Dutch company Diginotar. Diginotar is a certification authority present in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store of Windows and of many browsers. Such … Continue reading

Yet another Mozilla Update

Not a week has passed by since the Mozilla Foundation released their software in new versions. Now, Firefox 3.6.15 is available. It is yet unclear whether it contains security fixes as the security advisories on the Mozilla website end with … Continue reading

Mozilla updates Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation has released the webbrowser Firefox in Version 3.6.14 which fixes 10 security vulnerabilities – of which the developers consider 8 to be of “high” risk. Thus using older versions of Firefox (and Thunderbird or the Seamonkey Suite) … Continue reading

Infected Firefox Add-ons

Last week’s Friday the Mozilla Foundation spread the news that they detected two infected Firefox Add-ons on their servers. They removed the Add-ons and added more malware scanners to their servers for checking whether uploaded software is clean or malicious. … Continue reading