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Avira users are protected against the MiniDuke Malware (Updated)

If you live on this planet, you must have definitely have heard of the new malware that is making use of a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader. This malware is called MiniDuke, and it is slowly but surely becoming the … Continue reading

Malware delivered with fake hotel reservations

We wrote last week about Malware delivered with fake Craigslist fax-to-email notifications.This week’s malware delivery mechanism is a fake email notification from the well-known online hotel reservations portal   The malware is delivered when you click on “Print Booking … Continue reading

Malware delivered with fake Craigslist fax-to-email notifications

If you receive such a message containing an HTML page attached, don’t open it. The email pretends to come from “craigslist – automated message, do not reply <>” and has the subject “Efax Corporate”. What I find interesting is that the … Continue reading

Be aware of fake Java patches for the zero-day exploits

We and pretty much the rest of IT world, have written about the Java zero-day exploit, about the fast patch that Oracle release to remove some of the market pressure and also about the fact that such a quick move … Continue reading

Mail pretending to come from the German Post delivers malware

German readers will laugh when reading the text in original, received via a recent spam campaign. In a free translation, the original text written more in a German slang would translate to: Dear customer, Our postman couldn’t deliver a package to … Continue reading

DNSChanger and the errors “Server not found”/”This webpage is not available”

Do you know someone who  can’t navigate and instead of the well known websites receives errors like “Unable to resolve the DNS address” “Server not found” “The webpage is not available” ? He might be infected with the DNSChanger malware … Continue reading

DNSChanger malware: One day left to react

We wrote about the DNSChanger malware and about the Avira tool which detects if your computer’s DNS settings were altered and restores the defaults in case they were changed by the malware. Tomorrow, July 9th, the FBI will shutdown the DNS servers which allow the … Continue reading

Old Microsoft Office for Mac vulnerability actively used to install malware

Not surprisingly, more than two and a half years after a critical patch has been delivered, we see customers that didn’t update. And if we can see them, then also the bad guys see them as well. Even worse, we … Continue reading

A ZBot trojan variant in emails pretending to come from DHL

We all thought that the days of ZBot trojan are long gone, but maybe it was only our hope and not the reality. We have started to detect in an aggressive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from DHL, … Continue reading

Avira DNS-Repair-Tool released

You must have heard already about the already “famous” malware DNSChanger which manipulates the DNS settings of the computer in order to silently direct the users to malicious websites. FBI and others took action against this malware and in November 2011 … Continue reading