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How to enable two-factor authentication for LinkedIn

More and more social media websites and not only are enabling two-factor authentication in order to secure their users better. Following Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft now also the biggest professional network website LinkedIn has introduced two-factor authentication. Here is … Continue reading

Improve your security #11: Enable two-factor authentication

It might sound complicated, but remember that with more security the usability (how easy is to use the service) always suffers a little bit. The reward at the end is that you can sleep in peace that nobody will enter … Continue reading

Pharma spam using LinkedIn again

We wrote a couple of times already about spams pretending to come from LinkedIn which advertise online pharmacy websites. There is a new spam campaign which changed a bit the way the messages are presented to the users. Now the … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails pointing to online pharmacy websites

We have written many times already about fake LinkedIn emails which lead most of the time to online pharmacy websites and possibly to also infected websites. The latest spams, similar to those we already wrote about, are pretending to come … Continue reading

Change your LinkedIn password

It appears that some hackers got their hands on the database of passwords from LinkedIn. LinkedIn representatives have stated that they’re currently analyzing the reports. The good news is that the data dump in size of 271 MB that has been made … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails to reset your password

We see LinkedIn in the news quite often because of their recent campaigns in all the media. What the company doesn’t proudly advertise is the fact that their brand is lately often used  in various spam campaigns.  Most of these spam campaigns are … Continue reading

More spam disguised as LinkedIn notifications

We have written in the article  Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message about the online pharmacy messages which pretend to come from LinkedIn. The spammers showed again that they don’t lack innovation because only days after the antispam products started … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message

We have posted many times about online pharmacy spam disguised as phishing emails for various entities like Amazon, Paypal, eBay, AOL, Facebook and Twitter. Since the end of December 2011, we have started to see large amounts of emails being … Continue reading