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Facebook likejacking scam via Twitter

The tweet your receive is “we are looking for twitter members to try our brand new product at twitgiveaway,com”, mostly as a reply to one of your tweets. There is no mistake in the URL: “twitgiveaway,com”. There is indeed a comma … Continue reading

Old Facebook likejacking scam in use again: “[SHOCKING] At 14, she did that in the public school”

We wrote last year a couple of times about Facebook likejacking scams. A likejacking scam is an attempt to lure Facebook users to click on a post in order to see something very interesting. For example, “Dad walks in on Daughter… … Continue reading

Another facebook likejacking scam : „This spider is brutal“

A new Facebook scam, in the same idea as those with naked women, is making a lot of victims currently. Interesting is that there are quite a lot of unique URLs. This time, the scam is not using men’s curiosity … Continue reading

New Likejacking-Attack on Facebook

Currently a new likejacking-attack is running on facebook. If a user clicks on the link of a friend which is reads “I Will NEVER TEXT Again After Seeing THIS!! on CLICK HERE TO SEE.”, she or he will automatically “like” … Continue reading