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DNSChanger and the errors “Server not found”/”This webpage is not available”

Do you know someone who  can’t navigate and instead of the well known websites receives errors like “Unable to resolve the DNS address” “Server not found” “The webpage is not available” ? He might be infected with the DNSChanger malware … Continue reading

ZeuS-Botnet: Command&Control in the Cloud

The ZeuS Tracker project stumbled upon a ZBot variant which used Amazons Cloud hosting service EC2 as Command&Control (C&C) server. ZBot is a widespread trojan which can spy on online banking credentials and steals other login information. It gets sold … Continue reading

Different Twist in Social Network Spam

Everybody probably has heard of spam hosted on social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. We also know that these websites actively remove the offending pages, so why not using them differently? The spam email below is using … Continue reading

Avira switches to new update system

Due to the fast growing amount of malware out there in the wild our virus definition files grow fast as well. We monitored the situation with our Updates very closely. We realise that users of the free Avira AntiVir Personal … Continue reading

November Patchday: Apple starts first

Just a few hours before Microsoft will release Updates for its software, Apple released version 10.6.2 of Mac OS X and Security Update 2009-006, respectively. This Update fixes numerous of security issues within the Mac operating system. You can download … Continue reading

Further critical Updates

Already last week Opera released version 10.01 of its Web Browser. It closes some security holes. At least one of them can lead to code injection (for example to infect the computer with a Trojan). Users are advised to install … Continue reading

Worm instead of Avira Keygen

On a popular Bittorrent site during the last weekend there appeared a package that allegedly contains Avira AntiVir Premium and a so called keygen. A keygen is a tiny piece of software that calculates a license number for a commercial … Continue reading

Security Holes and Updates

There is a severe security hole in Microsofts Internet Information Services (IIS) versions 5 and 6. “0-day” Exploit code is publicly available on the net. The error is within the FTP component. Thus Microsoft recommends as workaround to disable (anonymous) … Continue reading

Be aware of the fraudsters

If you are a German user and receive an email coming from “Virenwarndienst” with the email address <Virenwarndienst@<Abzock-Webseite>.info> do not register there for downloading the software. This site is a price trap. The users who register there are closing a … Continue reading

Adobe-Patches are out

As announced, Adobe released the first updates for the critical security vulnerabilities in its products already. The first update is for Adobe Flash-Player – the new version is supposed to close the security hole in the software. You can … Continue reading