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How to disable the Java web plug-in in all browsers

We have written about Java and its regular vulnerabilities, two (here and here) of which were zero-day vulnerabilities. Java is a very strong tool because it is cross platform and if a vulnerability is being found on one platform, it … Continue reading

Zero-Day exploit in Internet Explorer(Update #2)

It appears that another exploit is being actively used to install malware. This time, there is an exploit in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 9. This means, that all  Windows operating systems until Windows 8 are affected. Microsoft has acknowledged in … Continue reading

Internet Explorer issues after updates

Microsoft announced in the Security Bulletin MS11-081 published in October that all versions of Internet Explorer (from 6 to 9) on all Windows operating system versions are affected by some vulnerabilities, many of them critical. In the same time, updates were delivered … Continue reading

Massive Patchday ahead

The upcoming Tuesday means much work for administrators – Microsoft today announced that the company plans to release 17 security bulletins with according patches. 9 of them deal with critical rated security vulnerabilities which means that cyber criminals can abuse … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 is out

Microsoft has released the webbrowser Internet Explorer in version 9 – next to more speed it also adds a bit of security as every new IE version does. For example, the new built-in tracking protection helps protecting the privacy when … Continue reading

More Browser Updates

Well, actually we expect some more updates as some security vulnerabilities have been revealed at the Pwn2Own contest during the CanSecWest security conference. Google is the first and pushes out version 10.0.648.133 – which fixes one security vulnerability within WebKit … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 – more secure

Microsoft has added new security features progressively with each version of Internet Explorer (IE). For example, IE 7 introduced a phishing filter, and IE 8 added a cross-site scripting filter and InPrivate browsing for better protecting the users’ privacy. With … Continue reading

Secure your Internet Explorer

Microsoft released a security advisory about a new 0-day vulnerability in all current versions of the company’s Internet Explorer – except for the not yet final Internet Explorer 9. The vulnerability exists within the processing of so-called cascading style sheets … Continue reading

Fix-it-Tool for IE-0-day

For the current vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 which already gets actively exploited on the net, Microsoft is already testing a patch. The company is still considering whether to release the patch on the regular Patchday or out-of-band. … Continue reading

Exploit Code for IE 0-day vulnerability

Exploit code for the the zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer has been added to the Metasploit framework. According to an email HD Moore wrote to ZDNet’s Ryan Naraine, the exploit works quite reliable – successful 50% of the times on … Continue reading