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Worm instead of Avira Keygen

On a popular Bittorrent site during the last weekend there appeared a package that allegedly contains Avira AntiVir Premium and a so called keygen. A keygen is a tiny piece of software that calculates a license number for a commercial … Continue reading

Security Holes and Updates

There is a severe security hole in Microsofts Internet Information Services (IIS) versions 5 and 6. “0-day” Exploit code is publicly available on the net. The error is within the FTP component. Thus Microsoft recommends as workaround to disable (anonymous) … Continue reading

W32/Induc.A Removal Tool

Last week a virus that infects Delphi development environments and then the compiled Delphi programs was detected and got some media attention – infected programs were distributed on cover-mount CDs and DVDs on computer magazines and via Download Portals. Our … Continue reading

Security flaw in Adobe PDF/Flash

There are security flaws within Adobe Reader and Acrobat and the Adobe Flash Player which are getting actively exploited on the net currently. The company has published a security advisory where it announces that they are currently investigating the problem … Continue reading

Microsoft warns of critical Internet Explorer/DirectShow flaw

In a security advisory Microsoft published yesterday the company warns of a critical error within an ActiveX component for the Internet Explorer. This DirectShow component provides video playback, record and capture capabilities. Due to the error it is possible for … Continue reading

Microsoft warns of critical DirectX flaw

Microsoft issued a warning about a security vulnerability in DirectX which is reportedly getting actively exploited. The affected component quartz.dll is removed in Windows Vista and 2008 Server (and also in Windows 7), so Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server … Continue reading

File Patcher W32/Tobin

While refining and improving our detection of the W32/Tobin file patcher malware we analysed its “infection” algorithm closer. Upon execution, it drops a DLL (usually “nikitob.dll”) and modifies executable files on the system so that they load the dropped DLL … Continue reading

What to do against Psyb0t

Some hype established around the malware known as Psyb0t. It is unusual as it doesn’t infect windows machines, but MIPS-based Internet-routers and DSL-modems – which are very widespread. (This is only half of the story. There is a windows malware … Continue reading

Beyond the final frontier

Malware made its way into space! The International Space Station (ISS) has to fight against a trojan on some of the computers. Fortunately, no vital systems are affected; it remains yet unclear though how the malware made its way into … Continue reading