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How to disable the Java web plug-in in all browsers

We have written about Java and its regular vulnerabilities, two (here and here) of which were zero-day vulnerabilities. Java is a very strong tool because it is cross platform and if a vulnerability is being found on one platform, it … Continue reading

Microsoft fixes the IE zero-day exploit

We have published information about the IE zero-day exploit which affected IE version 6 to 9 on all operating systems on which it is available. Not surprisingly, Microsoft announced today that they have a fix for this problem even before the cumulative patch on … Continue reading

Zero-Day exploit in Internet Explorer(Update #2)

It appears that another exploit is being actively used to install malware. This time, there is an exploit in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 9. This means, that all  Windows operating systems until Windows 8 are affected. Microsoft has acknowledged in … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 – more secure

Microsoft has added new security features progressively with each version of Internet Explorer (IE). For example, IE 7 introduced a phishing filter, and IE 8 added a cross-site scripting filter and InPrivate browsing for better protecting the users’ privacy. With … Continue reading