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Adobe hacked: lost source code and millions of user credentials

In a blog post published two days ago, Adobe Inc., the publisher of Adobe Acrobat, Coldfusion and many, many other titles, has reported that their infrastructure was hacked and source code of several products was stolen. The breach has been … Continue reading

Pharmacy spam for the “Zombie Apocalypse”

You probably have heard about the prank done to a television from Montana, USA in February. Their emergency channel got hacked (exact details about how the hacking occurred were not made public so far) and a message about zombies was communicated … Continue reading

Improve your security #9: create good passwords

Learn what you need to do to improve the security of your accounts and prevent password cracking. Continue reading and eHarmony passwords leaked on the web

Following the trend started by LinkedIn two days ago, the popular music website and the dating website eHarmony have issued an alert to all customers asking them to change their password because of leaked passwords. has issued the … Continue reading

Change your LinkedIn password

It appears that some hackers got their hands on the database of passwords from LinkedIn. LinkedIn representatives have stated that they’re currently analyzing the reports. The good news is that the data dump in size of 271 MB that has been made … Continue reading

Microsoft’s official Youtube channel hacked (updated)

It appears that someone has hacked into Microsoft’s account on Youtube and removed all videos. As can be seen in the picture, there are currently no videos at all anymore (see the red arrow in the screenshot) and  the comment … Continue reading