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Scareware infection via Google Doodle

Google’s search results are pointing to malicious sites sometimes – this is common knowledge nowadays. A new way to spread malicious links though is to present infected search results as first hit after clicking on a Google Doodle. For example … Continue reading

Bredolab Malware spammed via fake Facebook Mails

The popularity of the social network Facebook is abused again to spread Malware via Email. The spam mails arrive with the subject “Facebook password has been changed. ID” and contain a ZIP archive as attachment. Inside the ZIP a file … Continue reading

Safe holidays season

Thanksgiving and according holidays are very close – a time in which many people have the time to do (online) shopping. The cyber criminals are eager for their share, so it’s time to remember some safety measures. We are expecting … Continue reading

Think Point, world´s leading security solution

In the last days we received a new kind of scareware in our Virus Labs. This Trojan family called ThinkPoint is spreading very quick on the Internet. After the malware is executed, it creates a copy of itself with the … Continue reading

Fake DHL Spam contains fake Windows Update

Malware which is spammed within emails that fake DHL or UPS mails is nothing new. We receive such emails very often, and in most cases the malware attached is a Trojan of the Zbot/ZeuS family which tries to gather online … Continue reading

Fake Antivirus abuses regular software names

This morning we stumbled over a file called “Wireshark.exe” which was detected as being malicious by Avira. This was a bit irritating as this is a regular file name which got detected. We use Wireshark on a daily base because … Continue reading

Fake Antivirus “SecurityTool” spreads via Social Security Spam

The fake antivirus authors and distributors are creative in spreading their malware. For example, last week we found some fake antivirus spreading via a fake Firefox/Flash Player update site. This week they are moving to the next social engineering scheme, … Continue reading

Fake DHL Mail leads to Fake Antivirus

We are seing these kind of emails very frequently and they all look very much the same, even if the senders change the style every now and then. These mails get sent in huge amounts in order to reach as … Continue reading

Email malware returns

After last weeks outbreak of spam mails with malware with alleged settings for mail software (which still is ongoing, we still receive a lot of those mails) our analysts see a new bunch of emails which contain a trojan as … Continue reading