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New movies, same old malware tricks

  You probably don’t live on this planet if you haven’t seen at least the trailers from these two movies. And, from curiosity, there is only one step to social engineering for the masses. Iron Man 3 and Star Trek … Continue reading

The BKA Trojan still spreading through emails containing fake invoices

Even though the fraudsters behind the BKA Trojan (aka Ransom Trojan) have been caught by the police, there are still a lot of emails spreading the Trojan in circulation. One of these emails drew my attention because it was addressed … Continue reading

Post Cyber Monday thoughts

Now that the Cyber Monday and Black Friday madness of buying at reduced prices is almost over, we expect to see the spam and scam campaigns related to these events. Every year, in the last week of November the two … Continue reading

The “reset your password” frenzy used to advertise online pharmacy websites

After last week’s panic in regards to password leakage and requests to change passwords, we started to see already attempts to misuse this recommendation. There are emails pretending to come from IMDB with subjects like: – Your password is too … Continue reading