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Exploit for SMBv2 hole in Vista publicly available

10 days ago first exploit code for the security vulnerability in the SMBv2 protocol appeared in the underground. Today working exploit code for the open source penetration testing framework Metasploit was released. Therewith it is possible for the cybercriminals to … Continue reading

SMBv2 Exploit Code released

Microsoft acknowledged a security hole in its SMBv2 implementation in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7 up to the Release Candidate. With injecting specially prepared network packets attackers obviously are able to take complete control over affected computers. Now … Continue reading

Microsoft Patchday Reloaded

Now that didn’t happen for a while: Microsoft updated one of the security bulletins from Tuesday. It deals with a security flaw in TCP/IP networking. The first version of the bulletin mentioned Windows 2000, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 … Continue reading

5 Security Bulletins for Windows flaws

As announced last Friday, Microsoft released 5 security bulletins – all dealing with critical flaws within the Windows operating systems. Affected are Windows XP to Windows Vista and Server 2008. The security holes can be abused by hackers to compromise … Continue reading

Security Holes and Updates

There is a severe security hole in Microsofts Internet Information Services (IIS) versions 5 and 6. “0-day” Exploit code is publicly available on the net. The error is within the FTP component. Thus Microsoft recommends as workaround to disable (anonymous) … Continue reading

Updates from Microsoft available

As announced before the weekend, Microsoft now released 9 security bulletins. The patches related to those bulletins close overall 19 security holes in Windows, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, ISA- and BizTalk-Server, RDP client for Mac and the .Net framework. According … Continue reading

Mozilla Foundation fixes 2 vulnerabilities in Firefox

The developers of the Mozilla Foundation just released Firefox 3.5.2 to close two critical rated security vulnerabilities. One flaw in the web browser could be abused to spoof certificates for web servers. This could happen as the browser didn’t parse … Continue reading

Adobe-Patches are out

As announced, Adobe released the first updates for the critical security vulnerabilities in its products already. The first update is for Adobe Flash-Player – the new version is supposed to close the security hole in the software. You can … Continue reading

Avira Risk Level

The Risk Level describes the current phishing- and malware threats that we receive in real time from our sources in Internet. These threats are valid and can be accessed by any user in the Internet. The levels are computed by … Continue reading

Out-of-band Patches from Microsoft II

As announced last week, Microsoft released two security bulletins out-of-band. They cope with critical vulnerabilities in all Internet Explorer Versions and with a flawed Active Template Library (ATL) for developers using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Due to the flaw in the … Continue reading