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USA Visa Lottery scam

We don’t see every day USA Visa lottery scams, but when we see them, there is a long text with many details in order to make the email very credible. This time the text is very simple because it refers … Continue reading

Holiday Season Spam

When I looked into one of our spam traps, one mail caught my eye: It was promising an expensive holiday trip to Turkey nearly for free, and I could even take 3 more persons with me! The trip is allegedly … Continue reading

Be aware of the fraudsters

If you are a German user and receive an email coming from “Virenwarndienst” with the email address <Virenwarndienst@<Abzock-Webseite>.info> do not register there for downloading the software. This site is a price trap. The users who register there are closing a … Continue reading

Nigerian scams are indeed getting smarter

A few days ago we posted about Nigerian scam that is trying to get smarter. I was saying that they are trying without success to avoid common mistakes which are being done by the other scam authors. Well, it happened … Continue reading

Nigerian scams are trying to get smarter

We blogged already about Nigerian scams which make the usual mistakes associated with this kind of fraud. This time, we received an email which seemed to be adapted to the European civilization. I got really excited when I’ve seen that … Continue reading

A Japanese scam with some twists

Everyone knows about the already classic “Advanced Fee Fraud”, also known as the “Nigerian Scam” ( But, not everybody has seen the Japanese version of this scam (Figure 1). This is a very fancy scam: We usually see the same … Continue reading

Malware threats in the first half of 2009

As we were predicting upcoming threats for 2009 in the end of last year we now checked whether our guesses were correct. Unfortunately, they were. We predicted that the use of polymorphic file infectors will increase again. This became true: … Continue reading

World of Warcraft Phishing

A new wave of phishing messages targeted at World Of Warcraft players has appeared these days. The messages follow the same pattern: the “From” field is spoofed (trying to make the user believe that the message comes from Blizzard) and … Continue reading

Microsoft warns of critical DirectX flaw

Microsoft issued a warning about a security vulnerability in DirectX which is reportedly getting actively exploited. The affected component quartz.dll is removed in Windows Vista and 2008 Server (and also in Windows 7), so Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server … Continue reading

Malware and Phishing statistics for Germany

According to, 61.1% from the Germany’s population in 2007 had Internet access. From these users, 56% are online every day or almost every day. Having such a widespread Internet usage, it is no surprise that there is quite a … Continue reading