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When the mail services deliver dangerous packages

We are monitoring a spam campaign that is using the names of delivery services like FedEx and DHL to send the receiver to a website that installs malware. With subjects like “Not possible to make delivery” or “Shipping service”, the … Continue reading

A ZBot trojan variant in emails pretending to come from DHL

We all thought that the days of ZBot trojan are long gone, but maybe it was only our hope and not the reality. We have started to detect in an aggressive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from DHL, … Continue reading

Fake DHL Spam contains fake Windows Update

Malware which is spammed within emails that fake DHL or UPS mails is nothing new. We receive such emails very often, and in most cases the malware attached is a Trojan of the Zbot/ZeuS family which tries to gather online … Continue reading

More Malware Spam – fake DHL Mails

During the weekend we saw spam mails with Paypal as bait which tried to make the recipient execute the attached malware. For some time now, we see another social engineering tactic in place: Fake DHL Mails. Some of the mails … Continue reading