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Facebook adds “new profiles”

Facebook offers a “new profile” feature that many users adopt very fast. It is possible to mark the best friends and family and show them more prominently with their pictures. Also, it accumulates information like the uers’ work places, where … Continue reading

Sidejacking and Wi-Fi security

It is more than a week ago since this new tool “Firesheep” caught a lot of attention in the US and international press. I won’t write about this tool because there is not much to say. Just search the web … Continue reading

You are being tagged

In this comment, I am not going to talk about some online service having geolocation automatically turned on or allows others to put you on a map without your permission – this article is about something that also affects people … Continue reading

Climbing and Falling

Last Friday and Saturday, many people from Avira’s Technical department left their offices to take part at a Team Event in the Black Forest. We used our creativity, we pushed our senses to maximum and last but not least, our … Continue reading

Full Throttle

The developers of Avira are always busy programming new features and detection routines. So sometimes it’s necessary to take a deep breath and clear the head for new ideas. So our engine developers went on a trip recently and had … Continue reading

Hacker gets offer from Microsoft

According to the media, the Austrian hacker Peter Kleissner got a offer from Microsoft. This wouldn’t be news-worthy if Kleissner hadn’t programmed and offered to sell a so called bootkit – that is a rootkit that hides within the Master … Continue reading

CentMail: Yahoo’s “new” idea to stop spam

First of all, the idea is not at all new. Bill Gates talked about a method to pay a very small fee for each sent email in 2004, but the idea proved to be not realistic. Yahoo’s CentMail does nothing … Continue reading

Potential Threat through Opera Unite, Part II

The comment about a possible security threat due to a web server in the web browser got picked up by Opera and the Media. The CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, doesn’t see implied security risks with such a feature. … Continue reading

Malware threats in the first half of 2009

As we were predicting upcoming threats for 2009 in the end of last year we now checked whether our guesses were correct. Unfortunately, they were. We predicted that the use of polymorphic file infectors will increase again. This became true: … Continue reading

Opera Unite – Everybody is becoming a Web server

Browser developer Opera today introduced a new feature of its upcoming browser generation 10 with the code name Opera Unite. Basically Opera added a web server to the browser and offers a dynamic DNS service along with it. So everyone … Continue reading