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How to disable the Java web plug-in in all browsers

We have written about Java and its regular vulnerabilities, two (here and here) of which were zero-day vulnerabilities. Java is a very strong tool because it is cross platform and if a vulnerability is being found on one platform, it … Continue reading

Chain of trust broken by compromised root certificate, updates to control the damage

The entire online media is buzzing around the recent incident of the fraudulent digital certificate issued by the Dutch company Diginotar. Diginotar is a certification authority present in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store of Windows and of many browsers. Such … Continue reading

Security Updates for Flash Player and Chrome

Google just updated the Chrome web browser to version 11.0.696.68. The new release fixes at least two security vulnerabilities. The article from the Google Chrome Release Blog with details about the changes disappeared again unfortunately. Additionally, the integrated Flash Player … Continue reading

Chrome hacked

Bad news for Chrome users: The security researchers of the security service provider Vupen managed to abuse a currently unknown and non-published security vulnerability in the web browser and to bypass all further security mechanisms like the Chrome sandbox, ASLR … Continue reading

Browser Updates

Just a few days ago, two major web browsers have been updated to fix security vulnerabilities which may allow attackers to infect the computer with malware just by visiting a hacked website. Google released version 11 of the Chrome web … Continue reading

The Update Wave is rolling

Today some updates need attention – they fix critical security issues and should be installed immediately! The update reign starts off with Apple. Critical security vulnerabilities are closed within the Safari web browser 5.0.5 – they allowed cyber criminals to … Continue reading

Safe downloads with Chrome

Google now adds a feature to the development versions of the Chrome web browser which Internet Explorer already has introduced with version 9: It extends Safe Browsing (which also gets used by Firefox and Safari) with safe downloads. This is … Continue reading

Security Vulnerabilities in Chrome

It looks like new Chrome releases aren’t due every six weeks as Google announced a few weeks ago, but once a week now – the company just released Chrome 10.0.648.204 and fixes 6 highly critical security vulnerabilities with it. Those … Continue reading

Google faster than Adobe

This is something new: Google managed to release a new Chrome version 10.0.648.134 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It only includes a new version of the Flash Player where the recently found zero day vulnerability is already fixed. This is … Continue reading

More Browser Updates

Well, actually we expect some more updates as some security vulnerabilities have been revealed at the Pwn2Own contest during the CanSecWest security conference. Google is the first and pushes out version 10.0.648.133 – which fixes one security vulnerability within WebKit … Continue reading