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More spam disguised as LinkedIn notifications

We have written in the article  Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message about the online pharmacy messages which pretend to come from LinkedIn. The spammers showed again that they don’t lack innovation because only days after the antispam products started … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message

We have posted many times about online pharmacy spam disguised as phishing emails for various entities like Amazon, Paypal, eBay, AOL, Facebook and Twitter. Since the end of December 2011, we have started to see large amounts of emails being … Continue reading

Twitter Phishing Mails turn out to be Spam

Our spam traps caught quite some malicious mails which were Twitter themed – not the first time we see “You have 1 unread message from Twitter!” mails. This immediately does ring the phishing-alarm bell – someone is trying to steal … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam campaign faking Twitter

During the weekend our spamtraps received large amounts of emails pretending to come from Twitter. This time, the social engineering twist lies within the subject of the email: It is “You have 2 urgent messages from Twitter!”, creating psychological pressure … Continue reading

Twitter Phishing with Canadian Pharmacy is going social

After seeing a lot of spam which looked like Phishing but in fact was pointing to Canadian Pharmacy, we thought that it will reach soon a certain saturation point. We were wrong. There is “version 2″ online now and is … Continue reading

New Facebook phishing spam outbreak

In the recent past we saw emails looking like phishing mails, which were spam though actually. The spammers tried to make them look as much as possible as official mails from the entity they were faking: Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and … Continue reading

Twitter spam is back

This night, a new spam wave started hitting the mailboxes of Internet users. It’s again using Twitter as bait and the links in the spam mails finally lead to the well known fake Canadian Online Pharmacies. This time, the subject … Continue reading

Bank of America Phishing – just Spam again

After Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and the “targeted domain” now it is time for Bank of America to be hit by the exactly same Canadian Pharmacy spam. The spam mails still get sent out in massive amounts. Yes, they advertise exactly … Continue reading

A new old type of spam outbreak with some twists

It is not the first time that there are targeted attacks against the users and owners of certain domains. Emails like the one below were sent already with intent of Phishing or with intent of infecting the users of the … Continue reading