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Improve your browser’s security and privacy in 5 steps

No matter which source for statistics you take, all agree that the most used browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.   There have been many studies and tests done to find out which is the most secure of them. However, … Continue reading

How to disable the Java web plug-in in all browsers

We have written about Java and its regular vulnerabilities, two (here and here) of which were zero-day vulnerabilities. Java is a very strong tool because it is cross platform and if a vulnerability is being found on one platform, it … Continue reading

Browser Updates

Just a few days ago, two major web browsers have been updated to fix security vulnerabilities which may allow attackers to infect the computer with malware just by visiting a hacked website. Google released version 11 of the Chrome web … Continue reading

Safer browsing – Chrome Update available

Google released the web browser Chrome 8.0.552.237 last night to fix 16 security vulnerabilities in the software. Of the vulnerabilities, one is rated as being “critical”, while 13 get the rating “high” and two the rating “medium”. The Update gets … Continue reading

Google Chrome 4 – now with Extensions

With the latest release of their browser, v.4.0, Google has published a long expected feature: Browser Extensions. Now Chrome features what other browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera and so on offer for a long time already. But, being able to … Continue reading

Are your Firefox plug-ins up-to-date? (Update)

The Mozilla Foundation has published a check for web browser plug-ins. Just by visiting the web site you can immediately see if your plug-ins are up-to-date (green), outdated but without known vulnerabilities (yellow) or if they are known to have … Continue reading

Mozilla Foundation fixes 2 vulnerabilities in Firefox

The developers of the Mozilla Foundation just released Firefox 3.5.2 to close two critical rated security vulnerabilities. One flaw in the web browser could be abused to spoof certificates for web servers. This could happen as the browser didn’t parse … Continue reading

Out-of-band Patches from Microsoft II

As announced last week, Microsoft released two security bulletins out-of-band. They cope with critical vulnerabilities in all Internet Explorer Versions and with a flawed Active Template Library (ATL) for developers using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Due to the flaw in the … Continue reading

Security flaw in Adobe PDF/Flash

There are security flaws within Adobe Reader and Acrobat and the Adobe Flash Player which are getting actively exploited on the net currently. The company has published a security advisory where it announces that they are currently investigating the problem … Continue reading

Malware threats in the first half of 2009

As we were predicting upcoming threats for 2009 in the end of last year we now checked whether our guesses were correct. Unfortunately, they were. We predicted that the use of polymorphic file infectors will increase again. This became true: … Continue reading