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A new ransomware trojan variant with children pornography

We wrote about the ransomware trojan (aka BKA Trojan) and its new methods of blackmailing people to pay: claim in the name of an official institution that the user did something illegal, like storing children pornography pictures on his computer. The new … Continue reading

The BKA Trojan still spreading through emails containing fake invoices

Even though the fraudsters behind the BKA Trojan (aka Ransom Trojan) have been caught by the police, there are still a lot of emails spreading the Trojan in circulation. One of these emails drew my attention because it was addressed … Continue reading

The BKA/Ransom Trojan comes now with child pornography (updated)

The so called “BKA Trojan” (BKA stands for German Federal Criminal Police) malware which is also known as the Ransom trojan in other countries, has found a more convincing way to fool computer users to pay. Now, together with other eight possible … Continue reading

Federal Police Scam

During our usual malware analysis we found a malware sample which shows a fake warning passing off as official German “Bundeskriminalamt” (the German Federal Police). The page contains various logos taken from the official Internet sites. It’s easy to discover … Continue reading