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Upgrade of older consumer products to Version 2013

The malware landscape is evolving on a very rapid pace and these days, the technologies released 2 or 3 years ago are becoming slowly obsolete. That’s why providing security only through engine and signature updates is no longer considered enough. … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012 – Day 2

The second day of the conference was as entertaining and even more educative as the first one. Tyler Moore and others presented in their paper Measuring the cost of cybercrime an attempt of calculating the costs of cybercrime. This is a … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012

The VB2012 - the 22nd Virus Bulletin International Conference is taking place between  26-28 September 2012 in Dallas, Texas, United States. As every year, Avira is present there and we will blog every day about the most important presentations. This year’s keynote address … Continue reading

Upgrade your Antivir Personal version 2010 to the Avira Free Antivirus

If you are using the Antivir Personal version 2010 you should have already received the slideup to upgrade your product to the latest (and greatest) version 2012 called now Avira Free Antivirus. Once you click on that link and you … Continue reading