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Facebook enables https per default to all users

Finally, after two years from the first release of the feature and hoping that the users will switch to https, Facebook enforces now https to all users by default. This feature means that your browser is told to communicate with Facebook using … Continue reading

Avira Premium Antivirus is Windows 8 certified

As previously announced, we continue to improve the compatibility with Windows 8 of our products. After the Free Antivirus certification, we are happy to inform you that Avira Antivirus Premium is the next Avira product which is Windows 8 certified.   The certification of … Continue reading

Avira and the compatibility with Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. Historically, Microsoft has always had a certification process with different levels for the software running on its operating system. These levels are “Compatible with …” and “Designed for …”. In order to achieve … Continue reading

Malaysian Phishing in real-time

Since several weeks we see a higher amount of spam/phish Emails in Malaysia. Recently, our Virus Lab in Malaysia came across phishing mails in the Malay language impersonating the Hong Leong bank. Even if this phishing attack has only a local … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012

The VB2012 - the 22nd Virus Bulletin International Conference is taking place between  26-28 September 2012 in Dallas, Texas, United States. As every year, Avira is present there and we will blog every day about the most important presentations. This year’s keynote address … Continue reading and eHarmony passwords leaked on the web

Following the trend started by LinkedIn two days ago, the popular music website and the dating website eHarmony have issued an alert to all customers asking them to change their password because of leaked passwords. has issued the … Continue reading

New CAPTCHA method or just another likejacking scam?

In case you’ve seen this on Facebook, try to not click on it even if you understand French (it appears to be only in Franch) because it will take you on a road where you don’t want to be. But, … Continue reading

More Facebook scams

There are at least 3 other scams which currently spread very fast on Facebook, very similar to the one which we already analyzed. The first scam is reporting that Chuck Norris has died at 71 years, the second one is … Continue reading

Holiday phishing season is starting

As in previous years, we are used to see a peak in the phishing attacks starting at the beginning of December and ending in the middle of January. If beginning of December makes perfectly sense, you might have asked yourself why middle … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference – Day 3

The third and last day of the VB 2011 Conference was as interesting as the other two, in both corporate and technical tracks. The technical track was dedicated to exploits, Java, packers, Flash analysis and others. All topics definitely interesting … Continue reading