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Shortcut to Malware and Phishing

URL shorteners are a relatively young category of Internet service. As many social services on the Internet like Twitter &  Co. have a character limitation for messages, these URL shorteners became interesting for sharing links. For example, you’d loose 64 … Continue reading

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for June 2010

Our statistics show that some interesting things were happening in June 2010. Most phished brands Paypal got into the focus of the phishers’ attempts to steal account information again – three quarter of all phishing attempts attacked Paypal accounts. Craigslist … Continue reading

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for May 2010

It’s time for the update on last month’s Phishing, Spam and Malware statistics again! Most phished brands In May 2010, phishing for Paypal account data significantly decreased – while Paypal still is the top target of the cyber criminals though. … Continue reading

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for April 2010

With a little delay we present our malware statistics for April 2010. Most Phished Brands Paypal is still by far the most phished brand, though the amount slightly decreased. The phishers seem to broaden their spectrum of attacked banks and … Continue reading

Observations on Spam

Sending out spam emails is still one of the major functions of current malware which infects computers. Bot herders – those people who write the malware to infect your computers – rent their bot networks to other criminals who use … Continue reading

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for March 2010

We’re trying a new format of our statistics. Putting them into one article should enhance the usability. Most phished brands Paypal is still the most phished brand – it is easy to use and just with login credentials it is … Continue reading

Most Phished Brands Statistics for February 2010

In February 2010, Paypal is still on the first place of the most phished brands, even if it lost from its amplitude (about 31%). The big “winner” is, however, Ebay, which started to be used again in phishing attacks. Remember … Continue reading

File/URL Extension statistics for malware URLs in February 2010

An URL can point to a file having an extension or to a complete domain which has some kind of server side code which drops a file on the visitor’s computer. The ‘none’ type in the table means that the … Continue reading

Most abused TLDs in February 2010

The statistic for the top level domains used for hosting Phishing sites and malicious files in February 2010 are available: The most noticeable difference from January is that the usage of .ru domains increased by more than 64% in only … Continue reading

Most used Spam Categories in February 2010

Since January we publish monthly reports about the categories of the spam messages which got sent around the last month. These categories are detected by Avira’s AntiSpam engine as described in the post from January. Between January and February 2010 … Continue reading