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Cross Site phishing for Amazon

Following the expected trend of scams after the Cyber Monday, various big names in the retail industry are being now advertised in phishing attacks. One of the most interesting of these is a phishing addressing customers of Amazon. I am … Continue reading

Peny-stocks spams…again

We all hoped about 5 years ago that this is over: after email-spam advertising penny-stocks, improved spam-campaigns using images, then trials to beat OCR detection with noise in and angle changes of the images, and finally closing with PDF-based penny-stock-spam. … Continue reading

Malaysian Phishing in real-time

Since several weeks we see a higher amount of spam/phish Emails in Malaysia. Recently, our Virus Lab in Malaysia came across phishing mails in the Malay language impersonating the Hong Leong bank. Even if this phishing attack has only a local … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails pointing to online pharmacy websites

We have written many times already about fake LinkedIn emails which lead most of the time to online pharmacy websites and possibly to also infected websites. The latest spams, similar to those we already wrote about, are pretending to come … Continue reading

Speed ticket from NY Police via email

No, it is actually a pretty interesting spam email which I received. The emails pretend to come from New York State ”Department of Motor Vehicles” and informs the recipient that he/she violated the speed limit . In order to see more … Continue reading

Would you buy security software advertised in a spam?

We received a spam email which advertises protection against Internet threats. The email comes from “Top Anti Virus Software” , an email address from a domain in India. There are only two links in the email, both pointing to the same URL … Continue reading

Spam gives a “proper” name and description to the money mule job

A “money mule” is a person, an intermediate, that receives potentially illegally obtained money from someone and redirects them to someone else. Of course, the intermediary receives a percent of the transaction. In other words, this is nothing else than … Continue reading

Mail pretending to come from the German Post delivers malware

German readers will laugh when reading the text in original, received via a recent spam campaign. In a free translation, the original text written more in a German slang would translate to: Dear customer, Our postman couldn’t deliver a package to … Continue reading

Extremely complex phishing attack against German Postbank

I don’t write very often about phishing attempts which aren’t international, but this phishing attack against the German Postbank is extremely special and it deserves a through analysis. I received the phishing email below on one of my private email … Continue reading

New type of Nigerian scam or just a spam from “FBI”

From time to time, we see in our labs really funny emails pretending to be deadly serious. This time, I received one such email on my personal email address, and I couldn’t stop laughing after reading it full. And this, … Continue reading