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Facebook likejacking scam via Twitter

The tweet your receive is “we are looking for twitter members to try our brand new product at twitgiveaway,com”, mostly as a reply to one of your tweets. There is no mistake in the URL: “twitgiveaway,com”. There is indeed a comma … Continue reading

Old Facebook likejacking scam in use again: “[SHOCKING] At 14, she did that in the public school”

We wrote last year a couple of times about Facebook likejacking scams. A likejacking scam is an attempt to lure Facebook users to click on a post in order to see something very interesting. For example, “Dad walks in on Daughter… … Continue reading

New CAPTCHA method or just another likejacking scam?

In case you’ve seen this on Facebook, try to not click on it even if you understand French (it appears to be only in Franch) because it will take you on a road where you don’t want to be. But, … Continue reading

Another facebook likejacking scam : „This spider is brutal“

A new Facebook scam, in the same idea as those with naked women, is making a lot of victims currently. Interesting is that there are quite a lot of unique URLs. This time, the scam is not using men’s curiosity … Continue reading

Facebook likejacking scams

A new series of likejacking scam are making large waves on Facebook. “Dad walks in on Daughter… Embarrassing” is being sent in large numbers on Facebook. The picture presented is way too explicit to show it in this blog, belonging … Continue reading

New Likejacking-Attack on Facebook

Currently a new likejacking-attack is running on facebook. If a user clicks on the link of a friend which is reads “I Will NEVER TEXT Again After Seeing THIS!! on CLICK HERE TO SEE.”, she or he will automatically “like” … Continue reading

Facebook myths and fakes

There is not a single week when we don’t see a new Facebook scam. We name scam everything that tries to fool the user to do something which he usually wouldn’t do or shouldn’t do: click on something – called … Continue reading

Who visited your Facebook Profile

This is something many people seem to find really really interesting: There are social networks out there which do show who visited the user profiles. But Facebook doesn’t offer this feature – they even officially mention that in the Facebook … Continue reading