New features in the Avira products for mobiles: Identity Safeguard, Browser Safety and more

Because of the growth of mobile commerce and the need to keep users safe as they increasingly use mobile devices, we are proud to announced today that we significantly upgraded the mobile solutions for iOS and Android.


Avira Mobile Security for iOS

The free app gets two new features:

  • Identity Safeguard

Avira is the only security vendor to offer iOS users a feature called Identity Safeguard, which ensures an individual’s personal email is not one of the 160 million that have been caught in security breaches in the last 6 months alone. Users can see if their personal identity details have been leaked in any security breaches, and an on demand scanner allows the user to scan their entire address book to detect any compromised contacts. If any contacts have been compromised, users can email any breached contacts directly to alert them about the danger. On average, between 5% and 10% of a typical user’s address book contains email addresses that have been compromised.


  • Locate Device (up to five iOS and/or Android devices)

iOS users get a new feature called Locate Device, which monitors and keeps track of up to five devices. Users can see at any time on a map where a specific iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet device is and those devices can be made to ring to help locate them. The app can be used on any iPhone or iPad to manage all the devices.

Cost and Availability

Avira Mobile Security for iOS v.1.4 is and remains free.

It is available for devices running iOS 7.0 and above and is optimized for iPhone 5. It is currently available for German and English language devices but other languages will be added as quickly as possible.

Click here to download it directly from the AppStore.


Avira Antivirus Security Pro for Android

Android gets a new premium app which is now available for every Android smartphone and tablet owner.  These are the premium features:

  • Browse Safety

Infectious websites are blocked using powerful real time URL monitoring technology so users will not be duped by fraudsters or phishing attacks.

  • Hourly Updates

Mobile devices are always at risk from the most recent malware attacks, so Avira will keep the device safe with frequent updates so users have confidence that they’re always protected.

  • Quick Support Access

If a user has a problem, Avira experts are just a call or a click away.

Click here to download it directly from the Google Play Store.


Cost and Availability

Avira Antivirus for Android is and remains free.

Avira Antivirus Security Pro upgrade costs $9.99 (€7.95). Both apps are available directly from Avira’s website The product is available for Android 2.2 and up and is currently localized for German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.



  • Download Avira Antivirus Security Pro for Android here.
  • Download Avira Mobile Security for iOS here.
  • For more information on Avira’s new Avira Mobile Security for iOS v.1.4, please visit this site.
  • For more information about all the features included for Android users of Avira Antivirus Security Pro, please visit this site.
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Sorin Mustaca

IT security expert