Did you know you can opt-out from Google’s targeted ads and tracking?

Google is generating most of its revenue with Advertisements.

On the settings page it says:

Ads enable free web services and content.

This might be true, but sometimes the ads are just annoying.

Here is what you can change in the way Google delivers ads and tracks your behavior on the web.

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From this page, you can control what Google’s ad displays know about you.

This includes your gender, age, language, interests, as well as any advertiser campaigns you’ve blocked or interest-based ads of which you’ve opted out.


To opt out of Google’s interest-based ads, you must first manually remove all of the subjects listed, then click the Opt-Out link that appears. This is pretty annoying because Google generously sets all the values to “enable”.



To permanently opt out of Google’s DoubleClick cookie, which is Google’s main advertising cookie, you can install its DoubleClick opt-out add-on. Once installed, even if you clear all your cookies and restart your browser, it will prevent the DoubleClick cookie from being saved to your browser.

So, to conclude, it seems that the users have some kind of control. And after seeing this, things can only get better: there is a way to completely get out of the DoubleClick tracking. There is a closing statement from Google on that page:

Google adheres to advertising industry privacy standards. To learn about these standards, including how you can opt out of interest-based advertising from Google and other participating companies, visit our About Google Ads page. If you want to permanently opt out of the DoubleClick cookie, you can install the DoubleClick opt out extension.


Sorin Mustaca

IT Security Expert

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