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Monthly Archives: October 2013

10 tips to improve your mobile device’s security

We wrote here how you can improve the security of a new computer in 10 easy steps. Considering the fact that mobile devices have been selling much better than the workstations, it is important to know that the same strategy … Continue reading

Advanced Real-Time protection with Avira Protection Cloud

The malware landscape is evolving on a very rapid pace and these days, the technologies released 2 or 3 years ago are becoming slowly obsolete. That’s why providing security only through engine and signature updates is no longer considered enough. … Continue reading

Notifier gone. What’s next? Avira releases version 2014 of all products

Last week we surprised more than a few people by ending our long-running ‘Notifier’ ads in Avira’s Free Antivirus. We also announced our first-ever security product for Apple iPhones and iPads. And, as rumors have already circulated, we’re currently testing … Continue reading

Major DNS hijacking affecting major websites, including (Update)

Today, October 8th 2013, 12:15 CET+2, we have experienced a major disruption in our DNS service. It appears that several websites of Avira as well as other companies have been compromised by a group called KDMS. The websites of Avira have … Continue reading

Adobe hacked: lost source code and millions of user credentials

In a blog post published two days ago, Adobe Inc., the publisher of Adobe Acrobat, Coldfusion and many, many other titles, has reported that their infrastructure was hacked and source code of several products was stolen. The breach has been … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2013 in Berlin

As every year, the Virus Bulletin Conference 2013 is taking place this time in Berlin. Just by chance, or maybe not, this conference is taking place between October 2-4. Today, October 3rd, is Day of German Unity, Germany’s national day. For the … Continue reading

October is European Cyber Security Month

October 2013 was declared the European Cyber Security Month. On the website you can see the 27 European countries that will engage in cyber security activities meant to raise awareness. ECSM has also an Events Calendar which contains the most important events for … Continue reading