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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Emails containing fake invoices from Apple and distribute malware

The German users should be aware of a massive spam campaign with emails pretending to come from Apple and (discounter) containing a invoice of a good they bought from their shop. The so called invoice is in a ZIP … Continue reading

Is your smartphone infected?

With the exponential growth in the usage of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) also the amount of threats has grown. Actually, most of us forget more often the wallet at home than the mobile phone. Despite the fact that the smartphone has become a tool … Continue reading

Security 101: April 2013

Is public WiFi connection safe enough with only firewall as our protection against identity theft and phishing? First of all, a firewall will not protect you against identity theft and phishing.  Second, a public WiFi is as secure as its encryption is. Many public WiFi servicess are … Continue reading

Emails with malicious links exploit the explosion in Waco,Texas

In the same day with the spam campaign that was making use of the tragedy in Boston to spread malware, we have started to see the second wave of spam going on. This campaign is making use of the explosion … Continue reading

Oracle released the scheduled Java security update for April

This update should fix at least 42 security flaws in 24 products. Interestingly, this update also introduces some new features designed to alert users about the security risks of running some Java content.   But, if you saw this article … Continue reading

Emails with malicious URLs use the tragedy in Boston to exploit vulnerable Java installations (updated)

Yesterday the USA has suffered a bomb attack during a marathon that took place in Boston. This attack was characterized by the US President as a “terrorist attack” since it involved civilians. Not even 24h later, we have started to … Continue reading

Botnet attack on WordPress

Over the past two week, we have been tracking an alarming brute force password-guessing attacks against Web sites powered by WordPress – the most popular content management system in use today (Avira Techblog also runs WordPress). You can see below … Continue reading

When Cupid brings malware instead of love

We have started to see in Germany a massive spam campaign that spreads malware in form of a classical “russian bride” spam. Written in a more than questionable German language, the emails contains confusing sources. The From field mentions a name, … Continue reading

Avira Free Antivirus is Windows 8 certified

As previously announced, we continue to improve the compatibility with Windows 8 of our products. We are happy to inform you that Avira Free Antivirus is the first Avira product which is Windows 8 certified.   The certification of the other … Continue reading

Pharmacy spam for the “Zombie Apocalypse”

You probably have heard about the prank done to a television from Montana, USA in February. Their emergency channel got hacked (exact details about how the hacking occurred were not made public so far) and a message about zombies was communicated … Continue reading