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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Avira users are protected against the MiniDuke Malware (Updated)

If you live on this planet, you must have definitely have heard of the new malware that is making use of a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader. This malware is called MiniDuke, and it is slowly but surely becoming the … Continue reading

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook victims of Java exploits

We wrote several times that when Oracle fixed quickly the security holes in Java, it did not have enough time to address the source of the problem. This can be now seen more clear after big names in the IT … Continue reading

The BKA Trojan still spreading through emails containing fake invoices

Even though the fraudsters behind the BKA Trojan (aka Ransom Trojan) have been caught by the police, there are still a lot of emails spreading the Trojan in circulation. One of these emails drew my attention because it was addressed … Continue reading

Improve your security #11: Enable two-factor authentication

It might sound complicated, but remember that with more security the usability (how easy is to use the service) always suffers a little bit. The reward at the end is that you can sleep in peace that nobody will enter … Continue reading

Improve your security #10: Make backups

It is said that three things are certain in life: we are born, we pay taxes and we die. Adding a little bit of IT facts on top of this, I can add a fourth certain thing: hardware fails. It … Continue reading

Didn’t you uninstall Java already?

If you didn’t uninstall it, then think again about this. Here is how to uninstall or deactivate Java from your system. Oracle has announced that they fixed with the update on February 1st only a part of the problems originally … Continue reading

Security 101: February 2013

Nowadays, a lot of people are shopping online. To do that, they greatly rely on internet banking. What precautionary steps or systems are used to make sure users have a secure transaction? The most important thing to do is to … Continue reading

Old Facebook likejacking scam in use again: “[SHOCKING] At 14, she did that in the public school”

We wrote last year a couple of times about Facebook likejacking scams. A likejacking scam is an attempt to lure Facebook users to click on a post in order to see something very interesting. For example, “Dad walks in on Daughter… … Continue reading