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Yearly Archives: 2012

Peny-stocks spams…again

We all hoped about 5 years ago that this is over: after email-spam advertising penny-stocks, improved spam-campaigns using images, then trials to beat OCR detection with noise in and angle changes of the images, and finally closing with PDF-based penny-stock-spam. … Continue reading

Avira Server Security awarded VB100 on Windows Server 2003 R2

We are very proud to announce that Avira received again the “VB100″ award, offered by the Virus Bulletin magazine. The results of the tests performed with 36 products on Windows Server 2003 R2 were published on their website (registration required). With this award, Avira … Continue reading

Avira and the compatibility with Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. Historically, Microsoft has always had a certification process with different levels for the software running on its operating system. These levels are “Compatible with …” and “Designed for …”. In order to achieve … Continue reading

Security 101: October 2012

As previously announced, we continue to answer questions received from the readers of the PC.COM magazine.   Are there any signs telling us if our computer has been hacked or compromised?   Usually, if your computer is performing strangely, this is … Continue reading

How to disable advertisers tracking in iOS 6

Apple released in September 2012 the new iOS 6 together with the iPhone 5. We’ve seen quite a lot of advertisements about how good and great the iOS 6 is. No doubt, it is good, but not all new “things” were advertised. For … Continue reading

Dear reader, who are you?

One of the problems of the today’s online world is the fact that from far away, people are only just statistics in a dashboard. You don’t know actually who your readers or visitors are, what are their needs, their wishes, … Continue reading

Avira is now in the Facebook AV Marketplace

Facebook launched six month ago the AV Marketplace and according to the company, they had over 30 million views. Since Tuesday, 16.10.2012, Avira is also present there with two solutions: For PC – Avira Free Antivirus and for Mac, Avira Free Mac Security. … Continue reading

Security 101: September 2012

As previously announced, we continue to answer questions received from the readers of the PC.COM magazine.   Right now I am using licensed Avira Internet Security, how do I know that my computer is really safe from Trojan, virus, malware, spyware, etc. However, … Continue reading

Facebook myths and fakes

There is not a single week when we don’t see a new Facebook scam. We name scam everything that tries to fool the user to do something which he usually wouldn’t do or shouldn’t do: click on something – called … Continue reading

Upgrade your Avira product to the version 2013 free of charge

Starting yesterday, we have initiated for all version 2012 users the upgrade campaign to version 2013. If you receive a message like the one in the picture below, just click on it and upgrade to your desired product.   Do not … Continue reading