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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Security 101: December 2012

How safe is internet banking when I am using a smartphone to do it? I noticed several banks provided apps to do mobile internet banking and share trading but does it really work? Smartphones have much limited security functionality than desktops. However, they do share one … Continue reading

Cross Site phishing for Amazon

Following the expected trend of scams after the Cyber Monday, various big names in the retail industry are being now advertised in phishing attacks. One of the most interesting of these is a phishing addressing customers of Amazon. I am … Continue reading

Post Cyber Monday thoughts

Now that the Cyber Monday and Black Friday madness of buying at reduced prices is almost over, we expect to see the spam and scam campaigns related to these events. Every year, in the last week of November the two … Continue reading

The Experts Market: Avira’s new online platform for remote IT support

The Experts Market is Avira’s new online platform which helps computer users to find assistance from knowledgeable IT individuals. This differs from Avira’s support service in going beyond queries relating to Avira products; the Experts Market covers all problems arising from … Continue reading

Security 101: November 2012

How can we find out if we are really secure when we’re using online banking? There is no way to be really secure. However, there are ways to reduce the risk to a minimum acceptance level. Just ensure the following have been fulfilled: … Continue reading

Peny-stocks spams…again

We all hoped about 5 years ago that this is over: after email-spam advertising penny-stocks, improved spam-campaigns using images, then trials to beat OCR detection with noise in and angle changes of the images, and finally closing with PDF-based penny-stock-spam. … Continue reading

Avira Server Security awarded VB100 on Windows Server 2003 R2

We are very proud to announce that Avira received again the “VB100″ award, offered by the Virus Bulletin magazine. The results of the tests performed with 36 products on Windows Server 2003 R2 were published on their website (registration required). With this award, Avira … Continue reading

Avira and the compatibility with Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. Historically, Microsoft has always had a certification process with different levels for the software running on its operating system. These levels are “Compatible with …” and “Designed for …”. In order to achieve … Continue reading